Man Page: jkill(8)

jkill(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                 jkill(8)

     jkill - stop or restart a jail

     jkill [-fkqv] [-t timeout] jail ...
     jkill -r [-fqv] [-t timeout] jail ...

     The jkill utility stops one or more jails in an orderly fashion. It calls
     the shutdown scripts inside the jail and then kills all remaining pro-
     cesses.  When used with the -r option it can also restart the jail.

     jkill can also be run from within a jail, to shutdown or restart the
     jail.  Replace the halt or reboot binaries in your jails with jkill as a
     hard link. Each of these commands will then perform their respective
     actions in the jail.

     -f          Force the processes to quit. If processes remain after send-
                 ing them a SIGTERM then kill them with SIGKILL which forces
                 the a process exit.

     -k          Don't call the shutdown scripts, just kill the processes.

     -q          Supress warnings.

     -r          After shutting down the jail, restart it by running the
                 /etc/rc startup script.

     -t timeout  Specify a maximum timeout to wait after running the shutdown
                 scripts and between the sending the various kill signals. The
                 default is 3 seconds.

     -v          Show the output of shutdown or startup scripts on the con-
                 sole. This also enables all warnings.

     jail        Either a jail id (which is an integer) or a jail host name.

     It's generally assumed that the jail in question is a 'full jail' with
     startup and shutdown scripts. If that's not the case use the -k option.

     The startup and shutdown scripts inside the jail must be shell scripts
     and must be owned by root in order to be executed.

     The environment is purged properly before running the scripts in the jail
     in order to prevent unwanted information from leaking into the jail.

     Both startup and shutdown are logged to the jail's console if it exists.

     jkill needs a valid /dev/null device in the jail. If it doesn't exit for
     some reason it is automatically created.

     /etc/rc /etc/rc.shutdown /dev/console

     jail(8), jails(8), jls(8), jstart(8), kill(1)

     Stef Walter <>

jkill                            May 19, 2004                            jkill
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