Man Page: jps(8)

jps(8)                    BSD System Manager's Manual                   jps(8)

     jps - prints processes running in a jail

     jps -i jail
     jps jail [ps-options ...]

     The jps utility prints out a list of the processes running in a given
     jail. When run with the -i argument it just prints out the process ids.
     Otherwise it prints out a full ps(1) type listing for the processes in
     the jail. The ps(1) formatting and other options are available for use.

     -i             Only print out the process ids.

     jail           Either a jail id (which is an integer) or a jail host

     ps-options     Formatting and other to be passed to ps(1) when listing
                    processes in the jail.

     It is possible to run two jails with the same host name.  jps however
     always only prints out processes for one jail.

     The environment is purged properly before running ps(1) in the jail in
     order to prevent unwanted information from leaking into the jail.

     jps needs a valid /dev/null device in the jail. If it doesn't exit for
     some reason it is automatically created.

     jail(8), jails(8), jls(8), jstart(8), ps(1)

     Stef Walter <>

jps                            December 9, 2004                            jps
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