Man Page: jstart(8)

jstart(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                jstart(8)

     jstart - start a jail

     jstart [-i] path hostname ip-number [command ...]

     The jstart utility starts a jail. It is a more secure replacement for the
     jail(8) command. See the jail(8) man page for details on how to setup a
     jail, and jail concepts.

     See the NOTES section for how how exactly jstart differs from the jail(8)

     -i            Print the jail identifier of the newly created jail.

     path          Directory which is to be the root of the jail.

     hostname      Hostname of the prison.

     ip-number     IP number assigned to the prison.

     command       Optional command to be executed inside the jail. When not
                   specified this defaults to /bin/sh /etc/rc

     jstart always runs as root, and runs command as root.

     jstart logs the startup to the jail's console if one exists.

     The command called must be owned by root in order to be executed.

     The environment is purged properly before running the scripts in the jail
     in order to prevent unwanted information from leaking into the jail.

     jstart works well for jails that are of the 'virtual system image' type,
     which act like a full FreeBSD system. If any of the above functionality
     is not desired in your case, use jail(8) command.

     /etc/rc /dev/console

     jail(2), jail(8), jails(8), jls(8), jexec(8), jkill(8)

     Stef Walter <>

jstart                           May 19, 2004                           jstart
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