Sablotron C++ Wrapper

Sablotron is a small, fast, portable toolkit for XML processing. This is a C++ header file which wraps Sablotron's C DOM functions into C++ classes.

This wrapper is meant to be as light weight as possible, but also implements certain functionality missing from Sablotron, including getElementsByName and getElementById. The result is a complete DOM2 implementation with the following exceptions:

Classes implemented as stubs: DocumentFragment, DocumentType, Entity, EntityReference and Notation.

Methods implemented as stubs: Document.createDocumentFragment, Document.createEntityReference, DOMImplementation.createDocumentType, Node.normalize, Node.setPrefix and ProcessingInstruction.getTarget.

Methods with different behavior: Node.isSupported (always returns false).

Methods present but not in DOM2: Document.release, Document.serialize, DOMImplementation.release, Node.getUserData, Node.serialize and Node.setUserData.

See the header file for additional documentation.





Licensing and Support

See license. Contact me when bugs are found.

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