Stef Walter: Software and Docs

All software is posted with full sources. If you find bugs or problems with any of this, please let me (Stef Walter) know. Although time is limited, I'll make a best effort attempt at fixing the software especially if it affects my usage :-). Again due to time limitations email with generic support questions probably won't be answered. That is, "It doesn't work on my machine" rather than "It doesn't work on my machine because ... and here's where the problem lies ..."

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FreeBSD Jails

Jail stuff now has it's own page.


Note: After each program are the OSs the I've run it on. It may work elsewhere but I haven't tested or ported it.

bsnmp-jails: An SNMP module for monitoring jails. Network, CPU, processes, disk space etc. (FreeBSD)
bsnmp-pcap: An SNMP module for monitoring arbitrary network traffic flows (FreeBSD)
bsnmp-ping: An SNMP module for measuring host latency and reachability (FreeBSD)
bsnmp-regex: An SNMP module for making counters from log files (FreeBSD)
ClamSMTP: Anti-Virus SMTP Filter using ClamAV (Linux, BSD etc...)
cryptoki-log: A PKCS#11 module which logs requests to any other module
Eject: Utility to eject your CD-ROM. (Windows)
gnome-keyring: GNOME key and password storage.
HttpAuth: Flexible HTTP Authentication (Linux, BSD etc...)
Lock: Programatically lock your screen. (Windows)
NullPop: An Empty POP3 Server (Linux, BSD etc...)
ProxSMTP: Flexible SMTP Content Filter (Linux, BSD etc...)
p11-capi: PKCS#11 module wrapping Windows CAPI.
p11-log: PKCS#11 call logging module.
p11-tests: PKCS#11 testing application and framework.
Resolve: Resolve host names, IPs, MAC addresses. (Linux, BSD etc...)
RRDBot: An SNMP poller daemon which stores its values in RRD files
RTFX: Convert RTF to a generic XML format. (Linux, BSD, Windows)
Scrounge NTFS: Data retrieval for NTFS file systems. (Linux, BSD, Windows)
seahorse: GNOME key and password manager.
slapi-dnsnotify: DNS Slave notification for LDAP DNS servers. (Linux, BSD)
Statocrypt: Shell Extension which shows NTFS encryption state overlaid on icon. (Windows)
WPM: A small program that monitors your typing speed and displays it in your system tray. (Windows)


Code & Libraries


Sablotron C++ Wrapper: XML DOM2 C++ wrapper for Sablotron.
LDAPXML: Java classes for converting/mapping LDAP entries to XML.


Random Docs

Using FreeBSD as a Router on a Slow CPU
FreeBSD issues with SIS Onboard NIC
PGP on FreeBSD 4.x Requires apm in Kernel
Apache-modssl/PHP/Frontpage Installation
Debugging Shared Libraries in gdb and ddd
Accessing a Serial Port on Linux