Scrounge NTFS

Data recovery program for NTFS file systems. Reads each block of the hard disk to and retrieves rebuilds file system tree on another partition.

I wrote this program when one of my friends lost valuable data on an NTFS drive. It been used since then in several cases, but not thoroughly tested, especially not WRT the fact that it's a data recovery program.

You should have your partition information stored away in advance. This allows reliable retrieval of file info. If you don't however, there's some hope. You can guess at it in many cases.

Other similar programs I've found: Get Data Back for NTFS, Salvage NTFS.





Win32 Binary:
Source: scrounge-ntfs-0.9.tar.gz

Old Versions:

Win32 Binary:
Source: scrounge-ntfs-0.8.6.tar.gz

Win32 Binary:
Source: scrounge-ntfs-0.8.5.tar.gz
Win32 Binary: scrounge-ntfs.exe
Win32 Binary: scrounge-ntfs.exe


You can get a snapshot of the source with git:

$ git clone git://

Source code repository:


Licensing and Support

Open Source BSD type license. Contact me when bugs are found.

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