Scrounge NTFS Usage (Windows)

Usage Information:

usage: scrounge-ntfs -l
  List all drive partition information.

usage: scrounge-ntfs [-d drive] -s
  Search drive for NTFS partitions.

usage: scrounge-ntfs [-d drive] [-m mftoffset] [-c clustersize] [-o outdir] start end

  Scrounge data from a partition
  -d         Drive number
  -m         Offset to mft (in sectors)
  -c         Cluster size (in sectors, default of 8)
  -o         Directory to put scrounged files in
  start      First sector of partition
  end        Last sector of partition

The drive partition information listing looks something like this.

    Start Sector    End Sector      Cluster Size    MFT Offset

Drive: 0
    63              15358077        8               32
    15358203        40017852        8               32
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