slapi-dnsnotify: Slave notifications for LDAP based DNS servers

slapi-dnsnotify is a plugin for OpenLDAP or other LDAP servers. It watches for changes in the serial number of a DNS zone stored in the LDAP server, and notifies DNS slave servers to refresh their copy of the zone.

It can also increment the serial number of a zone whenever changes in that zone are made.

Compatibility: Has been tested with OpenLDAP and the dnsdomain2.schema.





Source: slapi-dnsnotify-0.2.4.tar.gz
Source: slapi-dnsnotify-0.2.3.tar.gz
Source: slapi-dnsnotify-0.2.2.tar.gz
Source: slapi-dnsnotify-0.2.tar.gz


You can get a snapshot of the source with git:

$ git clone git://

Source code repository:

Licensing and Support

Licensed under a BSD license. Contact me when bugs are found.

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