Man Page: notify-dns-slaves(1)

notify-dns-slaves                    LOCAL                   notify-dns-slaves

     notify-dns-slaves - is a tool which can notify DNS slaves to update their
     copy of a DNS zone.

     notify-dns-slaves -s [-w wait] [-d level]
     notify-dns-slaves [-d level] zone server ...

     notify-dns-slaves is used by the slapi-dnsnotify(8) LDAP plugin to send
     out notifications that DNS zones have been updated.

     It can also be used directly as a tool. The zone to send notifications
     about, and servers to notify are specified on the command line.

     When used with the -s option the tool goes into 'slave' mode. It remains
     running it expects specially formatted requests on stdin. When in 'slave'
     mode, logging goes to syslog under the daemon facility.

     -d level    Specifies what level of messages to display. 0 has only
                 errors and warnings, with 4 being the most verbose.

     -s          Work in 'slave' mode. Requests are expected on stdin. Used by
                 the slapi-dnsnotify(8) plugin to send out notifications.

     -w wait     When in 'slave' mode, the number of seconds to wait before
                 sending out DNS notifications. This is usually controlled
                 with the notify-delay option to slapi-dnsnotify(8)


     Stef Walter <>

slapi-dnsnotify                  July 2, 2008                  slapi-dnsnotify
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