Man Page: rrdbot-get(1)

rrdbot-get(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            rrdbot-get(1)

     rddbot-get - retrieves an SNMP value from an SNMP uri

     rddbot-get [-Mnr] [-m mibdir] [-t timeout] snmp://community@host/oid
     rddbot-get -V

     rddbot-get retrieves an SNMP value from an SNMP URI. The format is the
     same as is used by rrdbotd(8).  You can use rddbot-get for testing SNMP
     polling while configuring rrdbotd(8).

     The options are as follows.

     -m mibdir   The directory in which to look for MIB files. The default
                 directory is usually sufficient.

     -M          Display MIB parsing warnings.

     -n          Display numeric OIDs.

     -r          Recursively walk the SNMP values under the given OID.

     -t timeout  The amount of time (in seconds) to wait for an SNMP response.
                 Defaults to 5 seconds.

     -V          Prints the version of rddbot-get and the locations of the
                 configuration files, RRD files etc.

     rddbot-get supports failover between multiple agents. If an SNMP query
     fails on one agent or a value is not found when querying an agent, then
     it will switch to another configured agent.

     When combined with a query (see TABLE QUERIES) you can use this feature
     to search for a given value in a table on one of multiple agents.

     To use failover, simply use multiple host names with commas (without a
     space) separating them. For example:


     rddbot-get can query a value that corresponds to a certain row in an SNMP
     table. On many SNMP agents the indexes of rows in tables are not fixed,
     and this allows you to retrieve a certain value no matter what row of the
     table it is on.

     Add the OID and value you want to search for in the table to the end of
     the SNMP URL. Only one query value is supported.

     For example to get the outbound packet count on the 'eth0' interface, you
     would use:


     rrdbotd(8), rrdbot.conf(5), rrdbot-create(8)

     Stefan Walter <>

rrdbot                          April 16, 2008                          rrdbot
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