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masterVersion 0.4 and fixes.Stef Walter11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-02-14Version 0.4 and fixes.HEADmasterStef Walter
2009-01-21Release version 0.3 with new OIDs.Stef Walter
2009-01-19Release version 0.2 with proper OID.Stef Walter
2008-04-12Make pcap promiscuousStef Walter
2008-03-07More MIB module fixesStef Walter
2008-03-07Fix MIB Stef Walter
2008-03-07make distcheck fixesStef Walter
2008-03-07Add proper documentationStef Walter
2008-03-07Ignore built filesStef Walter
2008-03-07Initial importStef Walter