athstaRough stat tool for atheros wireless on freebsdstef@thewalter.net11 years
blogblogstef@thewalter.net8 months
bsnmp-jailsJail monitoring module for bsnmpstef@thewalter.net11 years
bsnmp-pcapTraffic monitoring snmp modulestef@thewalter.net12 years
bsnmp-pingLatency and connectivity monitoring snmp modulestef@thewalter.net12 years
bsnmp-regexArbitrary counter snmp modulestef@thewalter.net9 years
clamsmtpMail proxy for virus scanningstef@thewalter.net11 years
dropperApp for running console files with drag-n-drop on windowsstef@thewalter.net11 years
ejectTiny tool for ejecting discstef@thewalter.net11 years
env4826Rough tools for temperature monitoring on soekrisstef@thewalter.net11 years
flipReinventing the wheel long agostef@thewalter.net11 years
freebsd-patchesVarious freebsd patches.stef@thewalter.net12 years
git-bzgit-bz7 years
git-coveragegit-coverage7 years
httpauthDelegate web authentication to a daemonstef@thewalter.net11 years
iptoolsStrange tools for hashing ip addressesstef@thewalter.net11 years
jailerFor managing jails in freebsd 4.xstef@thewalter.net11 years
jailutilsVarious useful jail utilities.stef@thewalter.net7 years
ldapxmlExposes ldap entries as xml output.stef@thewalter.net12 years
lockTiny tool for locking win32 screenstef@thewalter.net11 years
mod_auth_singleidAutomatic openid authentication against a single provider.stef@thewalter.net6 years
nightsecOld security projectstef@thewalter.net11 years
nullpopA pop server that never has any mail.stef@thewalter.net12 years
p11-capiMoved to: years
p11-kitp11-kit11 years
p11-logModule for logging of pkcs11 callsstef@thewalter.net12 years
p11-testsTest cases for pkcs11 modulesstef@thewalter.net9 years
pkcs11-trust-assertionsSpec for storage of trust assertions in pkcs11 objectsstef@thewalter.net9 years
proxsmtpProxy for smtp connections filter via scriptstef@thewalter.net10 years
repA text search and replacement languagestef@thewalter.net11 years
repository-toolsSome hooks and scripts for a git repository onlinestef@thewalter.net11 years
rrdbotAn snmp polling daemonstef@thewalter.net10 years
rrduiWeb interface for viewing rrdtool graphsstef@thewalter.net9 years
rtfxProgram for converting rtf to xmlstef@thewalter.net8 years
sasl-delegateldapPlugin for cyrus-sasl which delegates authentication to openldapstef@thewalter.net11 years
scrounge-ntfsRecovery program for ntfsstef@thewalter.net9 years
slapd-pivotBackend for openldap for pivoting entry datastef@thewalter.net11 years
slapi-dnsnotifyPlugin for openldap which notifies dns servers of changesstef@thewalter.net11 years
slapi-suffixPlugin for openldap which limits attributes to certain suffixstef@thewalter.net11 years
soekris-toolsRough tools for soekris boxesstef@thewalter.net11 years
statocryptDisplay encryption status in win2k explorerstef@thewalter.net11 years
truetype-font-infoPrint information about truetype fontstef@thewalter.net11 years
wpmMonitor how fast typing in windowsstef@thewalter.net11 years