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masterChange name from Nate to StefStef11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2007-05-28Change name from Nate to StefHEADmasterStef
2007-05-26Commit 0.9.3 from eons ago properlyStef
2005-05-24Move ldapxml into the right directory.Stef
2004-06-15Name mapping and language mapping fixes.Stef
2004-06-15Fixed bug where not enough attributes were being retrievedStef
2004-06-14- Updated to latest version of com.novell.ldapStef
2004-06-13- Use latest version of com.novell.ldapStef
2004-06-08Fixed bug where too many entries were read for a depth of 1 and 0Stef
2004-05-05- Added ant build fileStef
2004-05-05Documentation fixesStef