AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-12-10Make release build work.HEADmasterStef Walter
2008-12-09Don't expose a netscape builtin roots object.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Fix problem with objects being shared among slots.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Fix copious amounts of debugging messages. Add concept of warning messages. Stef Walter
2008-12-09Ignore built filesStef Walter
2008-12-09Move into module folderStef Walter
2008-12-09Add module directoryStef Walter
2008-12-09Same more fixes after rename.Stef Walter
2008-12-09First shot at renaming the project.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Rename the moduleStef Walter
2008-12-09Add some remaining attributes.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Better handling of attribute data types. Remove concept of a date type.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Fix a particularly nasty bug in the hash tables, where an old would continue ...Stef Walter
2008-12-09Use better and faster hashing of objects. Stef Walter
2008-12-09Complete the certificate support so most of the tests clear.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Implement concept of logins (no-op). Do RSA testing, and fix problems discove...Stef Walter
2008-12-08Support the concept of read-write and read-only sessions.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Calculate correct length of CRYPT_PROV_INFOStef Walter
2008-12-08Find key objects properly. Don't error when a certificate doesn't have a key ...Stef Walter
2008-12-08Hook in the RSA mechanism to the PKCS#11 calls.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Some minor cosmetic changes.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Support non certificate store slots properly throughout the code.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Fix returning of strings so they're not null terminated.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Return data correctly for builtin objects.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Better argument handling after running through test tool.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Ignore built files.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Remove VC6 project and solution from SVN.Stef Walter
2008-12-04Implement RSA Sign and Decrypt operations. Not tested.Stef Walter
2008-12-03Add basic key object support. No support yet for actual crypto ops. Not teste...Stef Walter
2008-12-02Add concept of slots without any certificates.Stef Walter
2008-12-02Load certificates by key ID if finding by CKA_ID. Use standard function for r...Stef Walter
2008-12-01Split headers for C file into own header.Stef Walter
2008-12-01Change to my real name.Stef Walter
2008-12-01Make slot ids not start at zero.Stef Walter
2008-12-01Fix crash which happens when closeall is called at a strange time.Stef Walter
2008-12-01Add support for building on VC 2005, and remove support for old MSVC.Stef Walter
2007-05-11Do proper usage vs. enhanced usage.Stef Walter
2007-05-11Use proper usage functions.Stef Walter
2007-05-11License for the new fileStef Walter
2007-05-11Add different tokens for different certificate stores.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Commit project file that changed.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Use LGPL PKCS#11 headers.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Add distribution scriptStef Walter
2007-05-06Add a make file.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Add licensesStef Walter
2007-05-06Internal API cleanup.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Fix problem with objects going away due to duplicates.Stef Walter
2007-05-06Complete trust for Mozilla.Stef Walter
2007-05-06A bit of documentationStef Walter
2007-05-06A bunch of trust work on the plugin.Stef Walter