AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-04-07Fix use of undefined valueHEADmasterStef Walter
2011-02-20Make CKR_CRYPTOKI_ALREADY_INITIALIZED be optional.Stef Walter
2010-06-28Setup buffer size properly in AES tests.Stef Walter
2010-02-14Don't try to test tokens that are not yet initialized.Stef Walter
2009-11-19Implement tests for aes key wrapping and unwrapping.Stef Walter
2009-11-18Add support for checking AES keys and DH deriveStef Walter
2009-11-16Implement testing of DH key pair generationStef Walter
2009-11-16Add p11-tests.pc file which is installed for pkg-configStef Walter
2009-11-15Add --disable-strict and build with -Werror by default.Stef Walter
2009-11-15Allow use of p11-tests as a library.Stef Walter
2009-11-13Basic DH public and private key checks.Stef Walter
2009-11-13Fix compilation warning.Stef Walter
2009-11-13Close all sessions before trying to log in as SO.Stef Walter
2009-11-13Fix semantics when attribute retrieved with too small buffer.Stef Walter
2009-11-13Migrate to git.Stef Walter
2009-01-10Test creation of session keys.Stef Walter
2009-01-03Active operations can be cancelled by starting another operation.Stef Walter
2008-12-24A few last checks.Stef Walter
2008-12-24Add generic crypto testing.Stef Walter
2008-12-24Add DSA key support to tests.Stef Walter
2008-12-24Implement RSA_X_509 and Verify.Stef Walter
2008-12-23Support virtual slots, context specific logins, and other fixes.Stef Walter
2008-12-23Some fine tuning and bug fixes.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Fix some memory leaks.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Declare key tests.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Add testing of key objects.Stef Walter
2008-12-09Fixes for building on Windows, and some tweaks for testing the CAPI PKCS#11 m...Stef Walter
2008-12-09Add tests for X509 certificates.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Allow implementations not to support CKU_SO.Stef Walter
2008-12-08When loading mechanisms, use the correct one.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Fix problem when comparing the function list. Stef Walter
2008-12-08Add verbose -v flag to P11 test.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Turn warning about function list into an info.Stef Walter
2008-12-08Small fine tuning.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Treat 'not supported' differently when returned in a CK_RVStef Walter
2008-12-06Update coverage tool for new system.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Change how the tests are logged and failed.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Ignore built filesStef Walter
2008-12-06Remove solution from SVN.Stef Walter
2008-12-06Fix syntax error on unix sideStef Walter
2008-12-06Build on Win32 and create VCE project.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Implement RSA sign tests.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Implement RSA encrypt and decrypt.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Hide some more of the slot info, and id lookups.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Fix problems retrieving objects from FindObjects.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Implement GetAttributeValue tests.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Add support for testing FindObjects.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Implement login. Stef Walter
2008-12-05Add ability to run NSS libsoftokn3 using the lazy flag.Stef Walter
2008-12-05Clarify messages.Stef Walter