AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-05Fix spelling mistake in usage outputHEADmasterStef Walter
2011-01-23Various output and progress tweaks.Stef Walter
2010-12-01Redo raw scrounge so that it's faster.Stef
2010-12-01Recognize and don't print out information about 'large' gpt partitions.Stef
2010-12-01Implement option to skip sectors in a raw scrounge.Stef
2010-12-01Use 64-bit integers when listing partition info.Stef
2010-12-01Print out sector as we do raw scrounge.Stef
2010-11-20Update the URL to the scrounge page.Stef Walter
2010-11-12Build release version properly.Stef
2010-11-12Fix build on win32Stef
2010-11-12Fix problems with sector command line arguments being too small.Stef Walter
2010-10-18A few changes to the project after move to git.Stef Walter
2008-09-24Add flags suggested by Michael J. McDonaldStef Walter
2007-05-28Use 'Stef' instead of 'Nate'Stef Walter
2005-08-25Commit work on 0.8.7 (delayed commit)Stef Walter
2005-08-25Ignore more junk files.Stef Walter
2005-01-30Fix warning to not use errno.Stef Walter
2004-08-17New versionStef Walter
2004-08-17New versionStef Walter
2004-08-16- Some commit cleanups.Stef Walter
2004-08-16- Don't exit on error reading source diskStef Walter
2004-05-20Win32 fixesStef Walter
2004-05-20Partition search comments.Stef Walter
2004-05-20Support for files with uninitialized dataStef Walter
2004-05-20CVS ignoreStef Walter
2004-05-20Build fixesStef Walter
2004-05-20Documentation changes and fixesStef Walter
2004-05-20Linux fixesStef Walter
2004-05-07- Fixed attribute List problems.Stef Walter
2004-04-25Fixes. UpdatesStef Walter
2004-04-15Build files added to CVSStef Walter
2004-04-15Some added CVS files and fixesStef Walter
2004-04-03Fixes for windows.Stef Walter
2004-04-03Fixes for windows.Stef Walter
2004-04-03Unix portingStef Walter
2004-04-03Unix porting.Stef Walter
2004-04-03Sorted the headers properly.Stef Walter
2004-04-03Prep for unix portingStef Walter
2004-04-01- Fixes all roundStef Walter
2004-01-27Fixes and changes:Stef Walter
2003-09-17Initial ImportStef Walter