bsnmp-regex: SNMP counters from logs

bsnmp-regex is a module for bsnmpd which allows creation of counters from log files, program output or other text data. The counters use regular expressions to count the number of matches, or parse out specific text/numbers. The resulting data can then be queried or graphed with the usual SNMP tools.




Source: bsnmp-regex-0.6.tar.gz
Source: bsnmp-regex-0.5.tar.gz
Source: bsnmp-regex-0.4.tar.gz
Source: bsnmp-regex-0.3.tar.gz
Source: bsnmp-regex-0.2.tar.gz
Source: bsnmp-regex-0.1.tar.gz


You can get a snapshot of the source with git:

$ git clone git://

Source code repository:

Third Party Contributions

Disk SMART example [John-Mark Gurney]

Licensing and Support

See the license. Contact me when bugs are found.

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