Man Page: bsnmp-regex(5)

bsnmp-regex.conf(5)       FreeBSD File Formats Manual      bsnmp-regex.conf(5)

     bsnmp-regex.conf -- the configuration file for the bsnmp-regex(8) module.

     The bsnmp-regex SNMP module parses logs or other textual output and
     exposes the matched values as SNMP counters. The bsnmp-regex.conf config
     file contains definitions for the counters you want, and what text to
     match to those counters.

     Blank lines and lines starting with a '#' sign are ignored.

     Two different kinds of counters are possible.  Stat counters increment
     their value each time a match is made.  Value counters contain the last
     matched value.

     A counter line constists of a name, a colon and a delimited regular

           name: /match.*/

     The name is used as the regexDescr SNMP value.

     A stat counter looks like the example above, and simply increments the
     regexInteger SNMP value each time a match is made.

     A value counter has a second part to it's regular expression, similar to
     a 'sed replace':

           name: /([0-9]+) degrees/\1/

     The backslash-numeral refers to the regular expression group. \0 refers
     to the entire matched text. The resulting value is available in the
     regexString SNMP value. If the result is parseable as an integer, it is
     also available in the regexInteger SNMP value.

     The file can contain options which change the behavior of the counters
     below that point. An option line consists of a name, an equals sign, and
     the value:

           option = value

     An option applies to all match lines below that point in the file.

     expires     This option is the amount of time (in seconds) after which to
                 expire a counter if no new values have come in. This is
                 mostly useful for stat counters.

     Given a maillog output, this would make a counter for the number of mes-
     sages relayed:

           relayed: /relay.* status=sent/
     This would set the counter to the user the last user that logged into the
     system over the past hour:

           expires = 3600
           lastuser: /sshd.* Accepted.* for ([^ ]+) from/\1/

     bsnmp-regex(8) re_format(7)

     Stef Walter <>

bsnmp-regex                      April 5, 2006                     bsnmp-regex
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